Industries Served

We had exttensive experience in supplying man power to some of the largest global compamies and firms with operation in the middle east. In general we serve the construction and heavy industries sectors followed by oil and gas electro mechanical poultry and Acqua Culture, Transportation, Pat and air handling, Manufacturing, Hospitality food and beverages, Marketing and advertising sectors.

We believe the indian market ha stiff competition to offer and what sets wahid enterprises aside from it is our prompt service and quality workers.

In keeping with the best principles of thoroughness and truly quality oriented search, wahid enterprises has setup a fairly large workshop facility in india for training and trade testing for prospective skilled and semi skilled workers.

Our trading testing and selection centers across the country spanning Mumbai, Delhi, Chenni, jaipur, Cochin and may other tier 2 cities offer our clients a homogeneous workforce from across the country Wahid Enterprises also has an in house video conference based interviewing facility.

"we specialize in deploying skilled & semi skilled and skilled workers in Construction, Hospitality, Food and Beverages, Heavy Industries, Marketing, Poultry and Aquaculture transportation and Petrochemical Sectors"

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